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As of April 7th, libraries are physically closed to the public until further notice, following provincial health measures. Please Contact your local library for available services.

Zoom discussion

Coffee and 'Casts

Feb 1, 2021 to Apr 30, 2021  |  Every Friday at 9:15 am

Want to learn new things, meet new friends, and have engaging discussions? Then Coffee and 'Casts is for you! We post a link to a short podcast episode each week. Join us Friday mornings to talk about them!

Follow this Zoom link every Friday to discuss this week's podcast. We use the same link every time

Here are the episodes for month of April:

April 2: Good Friday, no program

April 9: Podcast, Hidden Brain; Episode, Bullshit Jobs (Sept 3, 2018)
Have you ever had a job where you stopped and asked yourself: what am I doing here? This week we discuss these "meaningless" positions and how they affect the people who hold them.

April 16: Podcast, Overdue; Episode: 461- The Blue Castle (March 1, 2021)
Join this week for a discussion of obnoxious families, fairy tales, botched diagnoses, and one of Canada's most beloved authors.

April 23: Podcast, Science Vs; Episode, Astrology: Are Geminis the Worst? (Sept 3, 2020)

What does science say about astrology. Listen this week for some surprising answers, and a rousing discussion of how well our astrology sign can tell our future.

April 30: Podcast, Why Won't You Date Me; Episode, Sex Work with AM Davies (Jan 8, 2021)
Decriminalizing vs Legalizing, diversity in strip clubs, unions.