What's New?

November is Picture Book Month!

This is an international initiative that celebrates picture books for for sparking children's imaginations and helping them learn to read. Reading picture books to children is a cleverly joyous and subtle way for introducing words, rich language, concepts, imaginative ideas, story sequencing, and learning to read. At the same time, since the pictures are as important as the words (some picture books are even wordless) in telling the story, children also discover a wide variety of art work.

There are lots of ideas and resources on the Picture Book Month website. Here at Parkland headquarters, we take this opportunity to celebrate the parents who are reading picture books to their children every day for associating books/reading with love and affection. And we celebrate the authors and artists who create those picture books (and the publishers who publish them).
How will you celebrate Picture Book Month?

Why the library?

As our culture is shifting to a more active role in the creation of culture and information, today’s libraries are finding new and innovative ways to extend their collections and services, providing access to a wide variety of tools, both high-tech and low-tech, to empower their communities.

Today’s public libraries are thriving technology hubs that millions rely on as their first or only choice for Internet access and digital content. Public libraries offer free classes and one-on-one instruction on technology, Internet and resource use. They help people start businesses, create resumes, search for jobs and apply for jobs online. Libraries help people connect with government and their communities, complete online forms and use online services. 

Hoopla adds DC Comics

There are some familiar faces in Hoopla lately - DC and Vertigo comics have been added to the collection! You can check out titles such as Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Watchmen, Superman: Earth One, Sandman, Daytripper and more. Go to Hoopla now to see the entire offering.