Summer Reading Club

Go! Bon Voyage!

Join the Club this summer and journey to places, ideas, tastes, sounds, stories, and characters never experienced before. Sometimes hair-raising. Sometimes awesome. Sometimes just plain wacky. But never boring. Go it alone or bring a friend. With the free and fearless TD Summer Reading Club you, your family and your friends can go anywhere and do anything. - excerpt from TD Summer Reading Club Newsletter

Within the themes of Go! and Bon Voyage!, sub-themes have been developed: Explore Far; Discover Art; Travel in Style; Get Outside; Make New Friends; Get Out of This World; Explore Near; Taste the World; Survive. These themes have helped to inform the booklists and content for the program. 

The website of the TD Summer Reading Club 2013 program Go! is now open( You will find book lists, the staff manual, many images and artwork from Matt James, the 2013 artist, and lots more. 

Some images are available below, but many more are available on the TD SRC website.

The SRC theme for 2014 is Making (maker culture, DIY, crafts, inventions, etc.).

Website banners and buttons for SRC

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