TD Summer Reading Club

The theme for TD Summer Reading Club 2014 is Eureka!

What's your spark? Where's your inspiration? Find it this summer at the TD Summer Reading Club, and then join other "makers and hackers" to invent, create, hack, tinker and innovate. -- from the TD Summer Reading Club website

Within the main theme Eureka!, a number of sub-programs have been developed: Airplane Aerobatcis; Community Gardening; Duct Tape Creativity; Great Thinkers; Limitless Structures; Lots of Blots; Rube Goldberg Machine Madness; Neighborhood Art; Plastic Bottle Madness; Sock Puppets; Weaving on a Cardboard Loom. These themes have helped to inform the booklists and content for the program. There are also a number of pre-school aged programs.

The staff website of the TD Summer Reading Club 2014 is now open ( You will find book lists, the staff manual, many images and artwork from John Martz, the 2014 artist, and lots more.

Questions? Contact Lindsay McFarlane.

Some images for are available below. There are many more on the website.

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