TD Summer Reading Club

TD Summer Reading Club 2015
The theme for TD Summer Reading Club 2015 is "play".

Summertime is all about freedom - no school, no rules, no structure. You can make up each day, and every day is different. Whether you’re on your own or with your friends, outside or inside or upside down, summer is the time for fun and play.

For the summer of 2015, we’re encouraging kids to see reading as play, and discover that the joyful, boundless and carefree feelings associated with play can just as easily be found in a great book. We want kids to have fun reading and share this joy, while they have the freedom to choose, explore, discover and play, any way they want.

-- from the TD Summer Reading Club website

Within the main theme, a number of sub-programs have been developed: Create-A-Sport, Go Fly a Kite!, Find It!, Schoolyard Games, Let's Play Together!, Scary Stories, Optical Illusions, Comic Books and Superheroes, Wonderful Word Play!, Tabletop Games, and Shadow Play. There are also a number of pre-school aged programs: Monsters!, I Spy With My Little Senses, Let's Play Dress Up, Tots and Pals, Rainy Day, Nature Play, and Pop Ups! These themes have helped to inform the booklist and content for the program.

The staff website of the TD Summer Reading Club 2015 is now open ( You will find book lists, the staff manual, many images and artwork from Josee Bisaillon, the 2015 artist, and lots more.

Questions? Contact Lindsay McFarlane.