Show Movies at your Library

A public performance license is required in order to show films in any public setting, including public libraries.

In Canada there are two main providers of public performance licenses:

Each company represents different film producers. Once a license is obtained, only the films of those represented by the licensing company can be shown. The exception is films purchased with public performance rights included, which is usually indicated on the film packaging.

Parkland Regional Library has contracted with Audio-Ciné Films to make public performance licenses available for those public libraries who wish to participate. These contracts are renewed at the end of November each year. Contact your consultant for further information.

Note: this licensing does not permit libraries to show movies outdoors. If you wish to have an outdoor movie event, contact Audio Cine for a quote by filling out their form online or contact your Parkland consultant.

It is illegal to show films in public settings without a license, in accordance with copyright legislation. Further information on copyright for public libraries can be found on our Copyright Information page.