Build & Maintain your Website


  • Cheatsheet for screenshots or Office pictures (cheatsheet on how to take a picture out of Word or Publisher, or take a "screenshot" that copies everything on your screen, quickly edit it, and upload the picture to your website)


Images and Text for your Website

Here are some images and text you may use on your website if you wish:

Buttons and banners

Images to use for creating your own website images


Interactive Items



PRL-Maintained Pages on your Website

The following pages are maintained by PRL and available on the websites of every library that is using the shared website templates. If you wish your patrons to find these pages, you will need to link to them.

To link to these pages on your own website, you should use only the last part of the address (just as if you were linking to any page on your own site, as described in the manual in section 7.2). For example, to link to the /ebooks page, simply insert /ebooks as the link (including the slash).

The part of the address you should use when creating a link is given for each page below.

eLibrary pages

Other pages

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