ILL Policies & Inclusions Lists

Provincial Resource Sharing Network Policy

The Provincial Resource Sharing Operational Policy (Dec 2014) and the Public Library Network Policy (Dec 2012) govern interlibrary lending outside the PRL system and apply to all public libraries in Alberta. Provincial resource sharing is based on a principle of reciprocal borrowing. That is, libraries lend their material to other libraries who lend like material.

Communities without a library that participates in reciprocal borrowing through the provincial network are: Andrew, Lamont, La Crete, Fort Vermilion, Veteran, Willingdon, and Zama.

Inclusions List

The Inclusions List has been discontinued. All Alberta public libraries now lend each other all formats, with the exception of: equipment and electronics, oversized items (including kits), eResources, reference material, and any other items not normally lent.

Library Directories

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