Copyright Information

Copyright is a legal framework that protects creators. Copyright protection exists as soon as a work is created. In Canada, there is no requirement to register a work or that the word "copyright" or the symbol © appear on the work. Copyright protection extends to works that have been created in all media including print, audio, visual, and digital.

Public Libraries

An Access Copyright Public Library Photocopying Licence obtained from Access Copyright Canada gives public library patrons and staff permission to copy from a variety of commercially published materials including books, magazines, and newspapers. Information regarding what can be copied is available from Access Copyright. Following the copying guidelines will ensure that patrons have access to useful materials while respecting the rights of the creators. Additional information about copyright legislation is available from The Copyright Board of Canada.

In order to show movies in any public space, including a public library, permission must be obtained from the copyright holder. In Canada two companies, Criterion and Audio Ciné Films, represent the majority of the motion picture companies. Public Performance licences can be purchased through these companies.

Parkland Regional Library provides a bulk licensing service to member libraries through a contract with Audio Ciné Films. Further information about public performance licensing is on the Show Movies at your Library page.

Additional information about copyright issues in the 21st century include:

  • Copyright Policy in Canada, Created by Prof. Laura J. Murray of Queens University, this blog discusses issues relating to copyright in layman's terms.
  • Copying for Individual Use, Created by MacEwan University Library, helps clarify the rules around fair dealing, reproduction for private purposes, backup copies, private copying and file sharing, and recording programs for listening/viewing at a later time.

Failure to adhere to copyright legislation can result in fines, prison, or both. Be sure to exercise due diligence when using copyrighted materials.