Build your Collection

Build your Library Collections
 Collection development is the process of improving the selection of materials housed in the library. Each item considered for addition or removal is evaluated according to how well it meets the goals of that collection. Collection development is an ongoing process that changes over time and as the community changes. All public libraries in Alberta are required to have a policy on the selection, acquisition, purchase and disposition of library resources, including a policy respecting gifts and donations.
Libraries can use the following resources to aid in local collection development:

Read the guidelines for items sent to headquarters for processing under Training & Resources > Shipping & Ordering.

Weed your Library Collections
Why does weeding matter? Weeding is an important aspect of collection development in maintaining a collection that is useful, attractive, and relevant to the needs of your community. Consult Parkland's weeding guidelines for general assistance and weeding by Dewey for more specific details in weeding the non-fiction collection.
Contact your consultant for help with collection management.