Boards & Friends

Library boards and Friends groups are instrumental in developing and improving library services across the Parkland region. Both groups of volunteers serve important and separate roles in the achievement of the library’s goals and objectives.

The library board is responsible for governing the library and is accountable under the Libraries Act and Libraries Regulation. The board sets policies that comply with legislation, sets goals for the library, and develops plans for achieving those goals. As with staff members, library trustees also need to undertake relevant training and development activities in order to function effectively as a board. See Board Resources for board orienation and training opportunities and for information on library funding and policies.

The Friends of the Library support the library’s mission, vision and values through various activities such as advocacy, promotion, and fundraising. All activities undertaken by the Friends are in consultation with the library manager and with endorsement by the board. Parkland Regional Library currently enjoys the support of over 16 Friends groups, all of which welcome new members. Tipsheets and additional resources are posted on the Friends of the Library page.