Snapshot Day 2012






Since 2011 Parkland Regional Library has invited member public libraries to participate in Snapshot Day. For one day in October, libraries from around the province collect information, comments, stories, and photographs to get a “snapshot” of a typical library day. Participation among Parkland libraries has been enthusiastic. 35 Parkland member libraries participated in October, 2012 and the results were fantastic!

What happens on a single day at Parkland libraries...

  • 4,339 customer visits
  • 263 reference questions
  • 493 computer users
  • 4,866 items circulated (all 50 libraries)
  • 1,526 items loaned to and from libraries (all 50 libraries)
  • 39 eBooks downloaded (all 50 libraries)
  • 70 programs offered
  • 1,028 program participants

 Share your Snapshot Day results with board members, patrons, and community members!  Here's how:

  • Read 10 Easy Ways to Share Your Snapshot Day Results (PDF File)
  • Share a Snapshot Day Results Brochure for the region (PDF File, Publisher File)
  • Share a Snapshot Day Results Infographic (PNG File) or PowerPoint (PDF File) for the region
  • Customize a Snapshot Day Results Brochure for your library with your photos and quotes (Publisher File)
  • Share a Snapshot Day Results Handout (PDF File, Publisher File)
  • Post "Did you know..." posters around your library (These documents include a placeholder image for your library's logo.  Remember to replace or delete it before printing!)
  1. Visitors poster (Publisher File)
  2. Programs poster (Publisher File)
  3. Computer Users poster (Publisher File)
  4. Questions poster (Publisher File)
  5. Circulation poster (Publisher File)
  • Post the infographic featuring the region's results on your webpage, blog, Facebook timeline, or Twitter feed.  The infographic is stored in the Shared (Q) drive under Snapshot Day/2012 Results.  OR ask Lindsay to customize an infographic for your library!
  • Share a Snapshot Day PowerPoint Presentation with your Board or Council.  The PowerPoint is stored in the Shared (Q) drive under Snapshot Day/2012 Results. Note: Some slides are layered and may look slightly messy in the editing view.  Be sure to view the slideshow to see the layers run properly.

**Note: Any coloured, bubble text in the publisher files (ie. the numbers) has been created using WordArt. To edit: Click the WordArt you want to change, click the blue WordArt Format tab at the top of the screen, click the "Edit Text" button on the left hand side of the toolbar, and change the text.