Make it yours

Make it yours is a multi-year campaign initiated by The Alberta Public Library Electronic Network (APLEN) and The Alberta Library (TAL). Public library staff and trustees can use the Make it yours marketing campaign to help promote their libraries. The campaign is “opt-in” meaning that libraries can select the tools that will work best in their communities and implement the tools at the times that are appropriate for their communities.

The 2012 Make it yours Rollout is well underway. Libraries still have access to all the tools developed in 2011 including screen savers, digital slideshows, Make Your Own Poster website and posters. New elements of the 2012 campaign include bookmarks and tradeshow display units for each region. Libraries can use these tools anytime.

2012 Media Campaign
The 2012 media campaign includes newspaper, radio and Facebook ads that will run across the province from May 7 to June 17 (6 weeks).

  • 2012 Radio spots – provides a list of the stations within the Parkland region that will air the Make it yours radio spots
  • 2012 Newspaper ads – provides a list of participating newspapers in the Parkland region and the dates the ads will run in each paper  

2012 Rollout Week
Rollout Week is from Monday, May 7 to Sunday, May 13. We encourage library staff to plan activities or promotions during this week and to capitalize on the media buzz.  

There’s some great information on the Make it yours WIKI, which describes what tools are available, how to get them, and ideas for putting them to use in your library.

We'd love to hear what your library is doing! Be sure to share your Make it yours ideas and events through lib-talk, or send a submission to our Quatrefoil newsletter.