5.1 The terms and conditions under which public library property may be used or borrowed by members of the public

(Required by Libraries Act)

The loan period shall be three weeks with three renewals for print and audio books, and one week for DVDs and compact disks, unless otherwise specified by library staff.

There shall be a limit of 50 items borrowed per borrower’s card as circulated through the Integrated Library Service (ILS).  DVDs and compact disks have a limit of ten items per format per borrower’s card.  Materials that can be downloaded such as ebook and eAudio books, or streaming media services, have check out limits that vary and access may be subject to the limitation imposed by subscription agreements.

Library staff shall be allowed discretion in setting such loan periods and number of items lent under extenuating circumstances as deemed in the best interest of patron convenience and library collection maintenance.

5.2 Penalties to be paid by members of the public for abuse of borrowing privileges

(Required by Libraries Act)

Penalties for overdue items shall be imposed at a rate of $0.25 per day, per item, with a two day grace period, to a maximum of the dollar value of the item.  

The replacement cost of damaged materials must be paid by the borrower.  If an overdue item is considered lost, the patron must pay the accumulated fines in addition to the replacement cost of the item.

5.3 The terms and conditions under which borrowing privileges may be suspended or forfeited

(Required by Libraries Act)

Patrons will be notified regarding overdue library materials.  After the fourth notification, overdue library materials will be assumed lost and the patron shall be charged the total replacement cost of the item(s).

Borrowing privileges will be suspended when the overdue fines have reached $25.00 or more, and will be reinstated upon the return of the overdue item(s) and the payment of the accumulated fines.

Abuse of borrowing privileges, mutilation or destruction of library materials or other actions considered inappropriate by PRL staff, may result in withdrawal of card privileges or imposition of fines and penalties, or both.

5.4 Admittance to the headquarters building

(Required by Libraries Act)

As Parkland Regional Library headquarters does not function as a public library, the general public does not require access to the facility. Parkland Regional Library staff will redirect members of the public to other area libraries and institutions as appropriate.

System personnel, client library personnel and Board trustees, along with representatives of other businesses, agencies or institutions having business with the System, will have access to the headquarters building during regular hours of operation (Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.).

No access to the headquarters building (other than for PRL employees) outside of regular operation hours shall be permitted without the authorization of the Director and/or designated staff.

5.5 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

(Required by FOIP Act)

As a public body under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP), the Board allows access to its records while ensuring the protection of privacy of individuals’ personal information.

The Board designates the Director and the Assistant Director of Operations as the Head, in accordance with the FOIP Act. The Head may delegate specified responsibilities in writing under the Act.

Fees are payable in accordance with the FOIP Act as outlined in the FOIP Regulation.

A list of acceptable fees are found in the accompanying documents.