Guiding Principles


Parkland Regional Library is a leader in assisting its member libraries to achieve excellence in service.


Parkland Regional Library supports its members through cooperation, innovation, and service:

      • providing human and material support services as needed by the libraries,
      • acting as a focus for leadership and library advocacy,
      • being effectively and efficiently governed and financially sustainable.

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2016-2018

Strategic Priorities

Headquarters activities and initiatives are guided by our Strategic Plan.  Priorities identified in the plan include:

  • Libraries will have a strong and supportive relationship with local and provincial governments that recognize the value of public libraries and prioritize public library service.
  • Municipalities will have sustainable and effective library service.
  • Parkland Regional Library member municipalities will have an effective and responsive system board.
  • Parkland residents will have a greater awareness of the public library and regard public libraries as an essential part of their communities.

Policies and Bylaws

Governance Policies
Board Director Relationship
Director's Parameters
Appendix I - Finance Reimbursement Schedule
Appendix II - Coming soon
Appendix III - Coming soon